Domestic Rates

Spot Rate Yarn (09/May/2019 )

Gujarat20S Card(Weft) %
20S Comb(Wrap) %
30S Card(Weft) %
30S Comb(Wrap) %
40S Card(Weft) %
40S Comb(Wrap) %
Open Ended 10S Card140.000.000.00 %
Open Ended 10S Comb0.000.00100.00 %
Open Ended 16S Card156.000.000.00 %
Open Ended 16S Comb0.000.00100.00 %
Tamil Nadu
Tirupur & Coimbatore30S Card(Weft) %
30S Comb(Wrap) %
40S Card(Weft) %
40S Comb(Wrap) %
50S Card(Weft)0.000.00100.00 %
50S Comb(Wrap) %
60S Card(Weft) %
60S Comb(Wrap) %
Open Ended 20S Weft136.000.000.00 %
Open Ended 20S Wrap142.000.000.00 %
Mumbai(Bhiwandi)40S Card(Weft) %
40S Comb(Wrap) %
60S Card(Weft)1, %
60S Comb(Wrap)1,450.000.000.00 %
62S Card(Weft)1, %
62S Comb(Wrap)1,330.000.000.00 %
64S Card(Weft)0.000.00100.00 %
64S Comb(Wrap)1,700.000.000.00 %
80S Card(Weft)1,370.000.000.00 %
80S Comb(Wrap)1,620.000.000.00 %
90S Card(Weft)0.000.00100.00 %
90S Comb(Wrap)366.000.000.00 %
SolapurOpen Ended 20S Weft136.000.000.00 %
Open Ended 20S Wrap146.000.000.00 %
Ring Frame 20S Weft150.000.000.00 %
Ring Frame 20S Wrap152.000.000.00 %
West Bengal
KolkataHosiery 20S Card192.000.000.00 %
Hosiery 20S Comb210.000.000.00 %
Hosiery 25S Card202.000.000.00 %
Hosiery 25S Comb218.000.000.00 %
Hosiery 30S Card205.000.000.00 %
Hosiery 30S Comb228.000.000.00 %
Open Ended 10S Card0.000.00100.00 %
Open Ended 10S Comb0.000.00100.00 %
Open Ended 6S Card0.000.00100.00 %
Open Ended 6S Comb0.000.00100.00 %
Ludhiana20S Comb(Wrap) %
25S Comb(Wrap) %
30S Comb(Wrap) %

International Rates

Yarn Prices as on 9th May, 2019: Prices FOB Indian Port 
  LC at Sight:
Ne 20/1 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 2.67/Kg.
Ne 20/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn   USD 2.90/Kg.
Ne 21/1 Carded  Weaving Yarn USD 2.67/Kg.
Ne 26/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn    USD 3.02/Kg.
Ne 30/1 Carded Hosiery Yarn             USD 2.87/Kg.
Ne 30/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.07/Kg.
Ne 32/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 2.87/Kg.
Ne 34/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.22/Kg.
Ne 40/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.37/Kg.
Ne 40/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 3.17/Kg.

Ne 30/2 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.22/Kg.
Ne 32/2 Combed Knitting Yarn USD 3.57/Kg.
Ne 32/2 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.30/Kg.
Ne 40/2 Combed Hosiery Yarn   USD 3.97/Kg.
Ne 30/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 3.19/Kg.
Ne 40/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 3.49/Kg.
Ne 50/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 4.11/Kg.
Ne 16/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.09/Kg.
Ne 21/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.24/Kg.
Ne 24/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.34/Kg.
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