Exim Consultancy

Export Documentations

  • 1. To provide consultancy for pre-export activities and documentation.
  • Application for IEC
  • AD Code Registration
  • 2. To provide consultancy in Letter of Credit related issues.
  • 3. To provide assistance in preparation of documents as per LC terms.
  • 4. To provide assistance in shipping documents and processing.
  • 5. To provide consultancy in DGFT related matters.
  • Digital Signature (DGFT)
  • Export Incentives applications
  • 6. Registration in EPC (FIEO/ Texprocil)

Export Finance

  • 1. To provide consultancy in Pre-Shipment Finance.
  • EPC (Export Packing Credit)
  • PCFC (Pre-Shipment Credit in Foreign Currency)
  • 2. To provide consultancy in Post Shipment finance.
  • FBP (In Domestic and Foreign Currecy)
  • FBD (In Domestic and Foreign Currecy)

Export Licenses

  • 1. Import Export Code(IEC ) -is compulsory for the registration of Export.
  • 2. AQSIQ Certificate:
    This is must for Exports to China, China is the biggest Importer and lucrative market for our Cotton export business. China itself is the largest chink in Indian cotton Export Business, approximate 75-80% of Total exported cotton going to china and AQSIQ certificate is must with the exporter to expand his business in China.
  • 3.RCMC- Registration Cum Membership Certificate:
    This is registration with the concerned EPC for your export Commodities, this registration enables you to get many kind of export Incentives. This registration also helps to get your company data and profile in Govt. record, so that your business in International market could be promoted. Hence in short, for export business we need to keep ready our certificate so that we can be benefitted and can avail all applicable Incentives against Export.

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