By admin       2016-07-07

Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda has said that the State government has filed cases against 16 companies which distributed substandard Bt cotton seeds to growers in Raichur district.In a reply to an unstarred question by Amarnath Patil in the Legislative Council, Mr. Byre Gowda said that the government had also issued show-cause notices to these companies.The growers have filed independent cases against these companies and also filed complaints in consumer courts.To another question on whether the government was planning to compensate growers who had lost their crop due to pink bollworm pest attack, the Minister said that as the issue was before the court, the government would act as per the directions of the court.No similar reportsThe Minister said that except Raichur district, where Bt cotton crops on 28,342 hectares (ha) of the total sown area of 59,378 ha was lost, there were no similar reports from other parts of the Hyderabad Karnataka region. Bt cotton crop is grown on 2,84,876 ha in Hyderabad Karnataka.

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