By admin       2016-09-07

In Jiangsu, 30s spun viscose prices in Xiaoshan rose US cents 2 a kg in the last week of August while 40s compact sirospun yarn prices inched up on the week.Viscose spun yarn prices increased somewhat in China, mainly due to shutdown of mills in Xiaoshan and Zhejiang ahead of the G20 Summit. Discussions for siro‐spun 40s yarn were mostly hiked while trading prices for ring‐spun 30s yarn were partly located adjusted upwards.In India, the firmness in VSF prices on the international and domestic markets inevitably translated into stable viscose yarn prices and supported by export demand. Viscose spun yarn prices were down US cents 1 a kg (due to weak INR) in Indore market.In Pakistan, viscose yarn prices generally rolled over with tendency of rising in coming weeks to reflect firming VSF prices in recent weeks.

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