By admin       2016-09-07

The export of Pakistan's readymade garments witnessed a decline during the first month (July) of the new fiscal year 2016-17, official figures suggest. The garments' export amounting to $179.513 million posted a $0.054 million decline in July 2016-17 that was 0.03% less as compared to the export worth $179.567 million in July 2015-16, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics said.In term of quantity, garments export reduced from 2,597 million dozens in July 2015-16 to 2544 million dozens in July 2016-17 that was a 2.04% reduction of 53,000 dozens. As compared to garments export in June 2016, it witnessed 12% decrease or in terms of amount $23.678 million in July 2016 because last month's export stood at $203.191 million. Garments' export volume in July 2016 also decreased by 12% or 339,000 dozens less from 2.883 million dozens in June 2016.

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