By admin       2016-09-26

The Met Office has warned the growers about pest and viral attacks on cotton crop during the hot and humid monsoon conditions during monsoon, asking them to be 'very' careful to cope with the threat. It said farmers obtaining water through tube-wells should schedule crops irrigation as per the expected rainy weather till September 30. It said farmers should control weeds growth at their present stages to stop any negative impact over the crops.It advised the farmers to take timely precautionary measures to protect their crops, livestock and other property from the expected rains. It said farmers of cotton belt should be aware of adverse effects of stagnant water in the fields. "Mechanism for drainage of stagnant water from fields should be evolved on priority basis and necessary requirement in this regard should be taken," it added.In Punjab, rain-dust-thunderstorm is expected at scattered places, upper parts of the province after September 25. Mainly hot and dry weather has been forecast for the most parts of Sindh till September 30. Rain-dust-thunderstorm is expected at scattered places in Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after September 25. Weather in Balochistan is likely to remain mainly hot and dry in its most parts over the period.

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