By admin       2016-09-26

September 26, 2016 - People should be discouraged from starting fires during this time of the year when we experience high temperatures and windy periods. Reports in this paper of three people who died while attempting to put out a raging fire in Chitomborwizi in Makonde District make very sad reading. The three from the same family and others who got injured went out to extinguish a fire that one woman had started while clearing her land for farming. Because of the windy conditions, the fire, which started small, grew into a raging one threatening to consume everything in its way. This prompted the villagers into action. They could, however, not fight the fire as it was being aided by the hot temperatures and windy conditions resulting in the three being burnt while the others suffered serious injuries. It is depressing that the three, who died, did not start the fire but were out to extinguish a fire that someone had started. The Environmental Management Agency has on countless occasions warned people, especially in the rural and farming areas, against starting veld fires for the obvious reasons that they would be unable to put them out once started. Now lives have been lost, not because of the victims’ own making but as a result of the recklessness of someone else. The deceased were prompted into action because they feared the fire could consume their homesteads and livestock. They tried their best but lost the battle to extinguish the fire resulting in their deaths. We want to urge people to desist from starting fires for whatever reason.

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