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In light of the tightening of global prices at several origins, domestic lint prices also rose commensurately. Karachi traders added that in view of decreasing domestic supplies, local lint prices were firmer on Thursday. As the Punjab government has decreed that sowing of cotton must not begin before the middle of April, 2017 for the forthcoming season (August 2017/July 2018) to avoid pets, next crop will arrive later.Thus seed cotton (Kapas/Phutti) pries in both Sindh and Punjab increased by Rs 25 to Rs 75 per 40 Kgs on Thursday, according to the quality. The price of seed cotton in Sindh was said to have ranged from Rs 3100 to Rs 3400 per 40 Kgs, while in the Punjab they reportedly ranged from Rs 3100 to Rs 3675 per 40 kilogrammes.This week, lint prices increased by Rs 100 to Rs 150 per maund (37.32 Kgs) on Thursday. Thus in Sindh the lint prices are said to have ranged from Rs 6000 to Rs 6850 per maund, according to the quality. In the Punjab, lint prices reportedly ranged from Rs 6300 to Rs 6850 per maund (37.32 Kgs in a tight market.Due to short domestic crop this year (2016/2017), paucity of cotton is being felt by the spinners. According to the Pakistan Customs, domestic mills have imported 73,921 metric tons of cottons from August till December, 2016 for the 2016/2017 season.This season Pakistan is expecting an output of about 10.08 million bales (155 Kgs). However, traders added that due to better seed cotton rates received by the growers during the current season (2016/2017), they are expected to plant more cotton during the forthcoming season (2017/2018).Cotton prices were reported on Thursday as being tight in India because of slow arrivals there. Brokers added in Karachi that prices of cotton were firm in China and the United States.Weekly exports reported from USA were 457,000 bales compared to the previous week. This constitutes 32 percent more exports compared to the earlier week. China and Turkey were said to be the importers, while Pakistan is also reported to have imported 70,400 bales from the above said quantity of 457,000 bales.On the global economic and financial front, the focal point recently remained mostly confined to America's economy and how to find ways to means to uplift it and retain America's position as the world's leading economy. Linked to these goals were proposals to create more jobs for the unemployed, reduce inequality of wealth and stop perceived undue advantages which other countries are enjoying at the expense of the United States of America. The American elections held last November (2016) provided an opportune platform, for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to thrash out the issues and present their respective proposals to remedy the anomaly and enable America to regain its rightful position as the first and foremost economy of the world. The electorate chose Republican Donald Trump who took office of the president of America on 20th January 2017.Political, social problems and Trumponomics included the issues of illegal immigration and what are deemed to be one-sided trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trump's populist stance on these and related issues gained him support, particularly among male voters reportedly being white, lacking college degrees and performing bluecollar jobs. According to Wikipedia, Trump "won most of the state primaries, caucuses and delegates at the 2016 Republican National Convention and on November 08, 2016 Trump and Pence were elected president and vice president of the United States.Some of the Trump's political proposals were criticised strongly and he has being charged of being a racist, which charge he has denied. He views the immigrants from Latin America and particularly more so from Mexico as entering America illegally and has described them as "criminals, drug dealers and rapists." Trump also is said to have advocated "a temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the US. For the Mexican - United States border, he has proposed the construction of a wall at the Mexican expense to check the influx of the Mexicans into the United States.America being the largest economy in the world, it would help if we recount some of his proposals for the future of the American economy and related issues. To begin with, Trump has expressed his opposition to international trade agreements citing the argument that such agreements undermine the interests of the American workers by shifting jobs offshore. Regarding illegal immigrations, Trump charged that Mexico was shunting "their most unwanted people in the United States."It was generally believed that with the ascendancy of Trump as the president of America, all hell would break loose and the United States economy would sooner rather than later be in a shambles. Till now, it has not happened. Indeed most if not many of the global equity markets have reached sky-high and are touching record levels.It has now to be seen if a global super-bubble is being created which may burst in due course of time and push the global economy towards a disaster.

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