By admin       2017-06-19

On Jun 16, CNCRC planned to auction 30,234.227 tons of cotton while the actual trading volume was 18,884.398 tons. Target was 62.46% fulfilled. By Jun 16, 1,511,185.29 tons of cotton has been sold. Proportion of enterprise nature: textile enterprises: 53.95%, non-textile enterprises: 46.05% Resource segment:2011/12 reserved cotton: 684.37 tons traded, highest price at 13,800yuan/mt and lowest price at 13,770yuan/mt;2012/13 reserved cotton: 7,243.14 tons traded, highest price at 16,270yuan/mt and lowest price at 13,870yuan/mt;2013/14 reserved cotton: 10,956.89 tons traded, highest price at 16,190yuan/mt and lowest price at 13,770yuan/mt.

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