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21 Jun '17 - Advansa, a leading European polyester fibre producer, supplying customers from the nonwoven wallpaper industry, has announced that the company has now received an official, non-objection letter and statement for product safety aspects of its recycled fibres from post-consumer sources, from the reputable Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA. Health and safety aspects are undoubtedly the most important parts of the quality of life. Therefore the demand on quality products protecting health as well as the environment is increasingly high. Thanks to its innovative recycling technology, Advansa has the capability to produce polyester short cut fibres suitable to meet the very demanding quality requirements of base paper for wall coverings while using post-consumer recycling material as feedstock for those fibres. The use of such post-consumer feedstock might create some concerns at specific consumers; thinking about chemical contaminations from unintended misuse of PET articles. Using scientific evaluation approaches which are well-known from the packaging industry, Advansa could prove that the fibre manufacturing process has cleaning capabilities even suitable to produce fibres appropriate for food contact applications, like coffee filter pads and food wrapping materials. Thus, Advansa obtained recently an official statement from the reputable FDA of the USA, a non-objection letter, confirming Advansa’s fibres made of 100 per cent recycled feed material being safe for food contact end uses. And with no lower aspirations, Advansa offers the same safety level for the base fibres for fleece wallpaper that are essential for superior properties compared to conventional paper. The FDA non-objection letter for the recycling process marks an important milestone for Advansa, being the first fibre supplier ever awarded for their products. At Advansa, business strategies are based on investing in safety, health and environment beyond requirements. The company is taking all necessary steps during its daily operations to ensure strong environmental protection and offers high-quality fibres which comply with applicable environmental, health and safety regulations. Being a supplier of several industries such as the nonwoven wallpaper industry, Advansa offers creative solutions to manufacturers with its FDA-conform fibres. Frank Heimann, business director engineered fibres of Advansa said, “Manufacturers are looking for highly advanced fibres to get added-value products for their production. We are very pleased to receive the non-objection letter from FDA for all our recycled fibres and to be able to fulfil our large task of offering our customers a high level of productivity as well as a differentiation in the market. Hence, sustainability and health remain core values within Advansa, without any compromise in the quality of fibres.”

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