By admin       2017-07-06

05 Jul '17 - Pakistan cotton industry has requested the ministry of textile and cotton crop assessment committee to protect cotton crop from possible damage due to rain and virus attack. Representatives from the industry have sought technical support for the growers. They have also asked for supply of certified cotton seeds for improved production of quality crops. For 2017-18, cotton was sown over 2.950 million hectares. This is lower than the target set at 13.75 cotton bales for the year, according to Pakistan media reports. However, the expectation was to produce around 10.18 million bales of 170 kilogrammes in the province of Punjab while Sindhi has the viability to produce nearly 3.69 million bales. There are chances that cotton crops in several areas of Punjab and Sindh stations could get affected due to rains. Further, there is also a risk of virus attack on the crops, according to crop reporting service department, Punjab. The cotton industry has asked for a team of officials for proper investigation of standing crops in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. The industry is focusing on increasing yield of high quality cotton crops to help the farmers and boost the country's exports.

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