By admin       2017-07-06

The cotton cultivation ban that was imposed by the agriculture department of Pakistan's Punjab province has been lifted. The ban was imposed on cultivating the crop before April 15 this year to save it from pink bollworm pest attack, but the department is now advising farmers to immediately start sowing cotton in the dedicated zone of the province.The department issued a statement saying that the weather conditions are now suitable for cultivating cotton. It has advised cotton growers to use good-quality approved seed varieties to avoid damages due to pest attacks.The department will also train cotton growers to help them control pest attacks, according to media reports. Spray machines and other gadgets will also be provided along with facilities to scout pests.The Pakistan government has set a target of producing 14.04 million bales of cotton for 2017-18. About 6 million acres of land will be under cotton cultivation in Punjab and the production target for the province is 10 million cotton bales. Sindh is likely to produce 4 million bales of cotton, while Balochistan is expected to cultivate 0.038 million bales. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region will produce 0.002 million bales of cotton.

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