By admin       2017-09-21

Forecasting large quantum of cotton production by farmers this season, District Collector Guarav Uppal on Tuesday instructed officials to form teams, to carry out integrated surveys on cotton cultivation in the district.Preliminary data estimated by various teams show the cotton output for the season to be about 4.62 lakh metric tonnes, he said.Speaking to officials from various departments at the Collectorate, he directed them to gather data by finding the total area sown and acreage of cotton in the district. The whole data then would be transferred to an online integrated portal for better planning.The farmers would be given an ID card after their details are uploaded online. This will also prepare the various departments to function smoothly in the post-production stage, thus benefiting the farmers, Mr. Uppal said. In addition to the five centres for purchase of cotton in the district, another five centres have been sanctioned by the Government, he informed. And, amenities for farmers at these centres are to be inspected and arranged prior to their arrival, he directed the Marketing Department officers.Moisture in the cotton plays a determinant role for better price for the farmers, Mr. Uppal told officials.Cotton with moisture less than 8% would fetch better price, anything above 8% would invite a rate cut, he said. The purchase centres would be made ready by October, he added.

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