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Pakistan has recorded cotton arrivals of 3.99 million bales by September 30, 2017, up 50.88 percent against 2.64 million bales during the same period of the last year.A fortnightly report issued by Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) on Thursday showed that a total of 145,886 bales were exported as compared to 67,391 bales last year.Naseem Usman, chairman of the Karachi Cotton Brokers Association, said that the cotton arrivals are above expectations, as an increase of around 0.8 million bales was expected during this period, but there was an increase of 1.34 million bales.World cotton is also expected to increase 10 percent, so there are chances of pressure on prices in the local market, he added.Ginners sold 2.96 million bales to spinners during this period as compared to 1.98 million bales last year, showing an increase of 49.4 percent.Currently, total stocks include 8.85 million bales as compared to 596,622 bales last year. Fortnightly flow (September 15-30) was recorded at 1.62 million bales, which is 38.55 percent down to the flows of 2.64 million bales last year.A total of 787 ginning factories have started their operations so far as compared to 640 mills during the same period last year, the report issued by the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association added.

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