By admin       2017-10-09

In China, PC (65/35) 32s yarn prices inched up in the third week of September, while 45s PC combed yarn prices rose US cents 5 a kg on the week. PV 32s were also up US cents 4 a kg. PC yarn prices in China slightly moved up during the week while PV yarn prices were also assessed higher. However, prices could not rise much in US$ terms as the local currency was weak while US$ was stronger this week. In India, PC yarn prices declined for about 5.6% in the last 5 weeks while PV yarn prices also fell on the week. In Pakistan, poly-cotton prices could not move during the week, despite the new rise of polyester fiber prices. PC 20s and 30s (52/48) carded yarn prices were flat during the week on the Faisalabad market. PV 30s yarn prices were also pegged stable. However, producers of PV yarns raised offers in the second week of September after eight weeks of stagnation.

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