By admin       2017-10-11

ADILABAD, OCTOBER 10, 2017 - The State government’s advance preparations in asking the Cotton Corporation of India to purchase cotton at minimum support price of Rs. 4,350 per quintal came a cropper in Adilabad agriculture market yard as trading opened on Monday. Apparently, it did not reckon with the CCI's purchase regulations with regard to moisture content in the produce and farmers had to settle for Rs. 4,000 per quintal with private traders giving the go-by to the regulations on the opening day. “It is clearly the failure of the government in spreading awareness on bringing dried cotton with moisture content within the regulated 8 to 12% and also in realising that the CCI would stick to its moisture regulations come what may,” pointed out farmer More Prabhakar from Tamsi mandal. As the customary auction was held in the morning in the presence of Forest Minister, the Cotton Corporation of India quoted the minimum support price. Private traders quoted Rs. 4,600 per quintal but insisted on implementing the moisture regulation which would have them reject the produce with moisture content of more than 12%.

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