By admin       2017-10-26

Cotton trade in Adilabad Agriculture Marketyard remained suspended on Wednesday owing to farmers staging a day-long protest on the restrictive moisture content rule. The events along the day included the farmers supported by opposition parties blocking the gate of the marketyard and staging a two-hour long rasta roko near Punjab Chowk in town demanding purchase of cotton irrespective of the moisture content. Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary G. Sujatha, who was with the protesting farmers all day continued with her hunger strike even in the night pitching a tent in front of the yard demanding purchase of cotton which had arrived from different parts during the day. Leaders from the opposition parties, including the Left and BJP, had left the scene late in the afternoon. Dharna : Trading was suspended within a few minutes of its opening around 9 a.m. as private traders tried to deduct a heavy amount as the produce displayed a moisture content of 20 % by weight. This angered the farmers who said it was a natural phenomenon and purchasers should extend the lower percentage limit of moisture content from 8 to 12. The farmers sat on a dharna at the gate which had the incoming tractors, pickup vans and lorries stranded outside the yard. The farmers shouted slogans denouncing Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Forest Minister Jogu Ramanna and Adilabad Collector Buddha Prakash M. Jyoti for not intervening to protect their interest. It may be recalled that Mr. Ramanna did not turn up at the marketyard for inauguration of soyabean trading as scheduled apparently to skirt trouble. Blame opposition : At a press conference later, he severely criticised the opposition parties, especially Ms. Sujatha for instigating farmers. Joint Collector K. Krishna Rao tried to negotiate with the farmers and traders for over five hours without a result. This had a section of the agitated farmers rushing towards Punjab Hotel Chowk and blocking the traffic. The protesters stayed put at the marketyard hoping the administration to order the private traders to purchase the arrived produce. The imbroglio however, continued until the report was filed.

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