By admin       2017-10-26

MUMBAI: In the wake of pesticide-related deaths of farm workers in Vidarbha, the state government has written to the Centre asking it to denotify the Bt cotton seed strain Bollgard II (BG II), pointing out that it was no longer resistant to the pink bollworm pest. This is the second letter the state has sent to the Centre this year on the failed pest resistance of the genetically modified seed. The Union agriculture ministry had invited state officials for a consultation on this issue on Wednesday . "We have written to the Centre to denotify BG II from the Bt cotton category due to loss of its efficacy against the pink bollworm," said state agriculture secretary Bijay Kumar. The state has suggested the seed be downgraded to a hybrid, which will lead to a drop in its price."If BG II is denotified, it may result in a reduction in price from the present around Rs800 a packet to Rs400 a packet. Farmers can use the money saved in meeting the additional cost of plant protection," said Kumar.

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