By admin       2017-10-26

Cotton fields located within about a four- to five-mile wide strip from Denver City to about five miles east of Welch received damage from an unexpected hailstorm this past Saturday evening. “Nothing was a full loss, but there probably was 20 to 40 percent losses on the open cotton that was put on the ground and strung out,” Glenn Phipps, owner of Welch Gin, told the Press-Reporter on Wednesday morning. “The bolls that were not open in the top of the plants also were ruined.” The amount of actual damage “is real hard to tell,” Phipps added. Phipps said it “hailed solid for about 10 minutes” in the Welch area on Saturday evening, while other areas had reported a shorter length of time. He said the hail measured anywhere from marble size to a little larger, but not as big as golf balls, and “was hard as a rock.” “It was a pretty severe storm,” Phipps said. He added that the storm had not been predicted by weather forecasts and it took everyone by surprise. In addition to the hail, Phipps said, the Welch area also received from two-tenths to half an inch of rain with the storm. Phipps said he has a lot of customers in the area affected by the hailstorm and they all have reported some damage.

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