By admin       2017-10-27

The impasse in cotton trading at Adilabad Agriculture Market Yard was broken late on Thursday, the second day of protest by farmers, but the irritant issue remained to be solved. Opposition parties called for a bandh in the market yard from Friday demanding resolution of the moisture content question before trading resumes. The formula which was agreed to by the farmers was forged between the traders and representatives of the Congress, BJP, CPI and CPI (M) in the presence of Forest Minister Jogu Ramanna. The traders agreed to purchase cotton at Rs 4,200 per quintal irrespective of the moisture content beyond 16 % by weight. In case the moisture content was below 16%, the farmers stood to gain Rs42 per percentage point. Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary G. Sujatha had started her hunger strike on Wednesday demanding raising of the lower moisture content limit from 8 % to 12 %. As the issue had remained unresolved, she had stayed put in a tent near the AMC yard gate all night. BJP Adilabad district president Payal Shankar and State leader Suhasini Reddy joined her. Also present were representatives of the CPI and CPI (M) who participated in the negotiation held with the traders. At one stage agitated protesters had squatted on the railway line, which passes close to the market yard, in a bid to detain the Nagpur-Mumbai Express. However, railway police removed the protesters with the help of local police and the train had an uneventful passage. Earlier, farmers had resorted to a rasta roko at Punjab Hotel Chowk for about an hour throwing traffic out of gear. A large number of cotton laden vehicles were stranded on all roads which led to the market yard.

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