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Peanut and cotton harvesting is well under way in the Wiregrass area, and many farmers are seeing a bountiful harvest season.According to the Alabama Peanut Producers Federation Director Caleb Bristow, farmers are seeing a good peanut crop.“As long as the weather continues to work with our farmers, they should have a pretty good harvest season,” Bristow said. “The weather has cooperated for the most part in our area, and the peanut crops are looking real good. However, some farmers in the southwest portion of the state are still dealing with weather issues. But, overall the state average for peanut crop is looking better than last year. Our farmers needed a good year.”Many farmers will wrap up their peanut harvest season during the month of November, depending on when their crop was planted.Cotton farmers across the area are also reaping the benefits of a good harvest season.Cotton crops are looking better this year than last year, according to William Birdsong with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.“This year’s crop is going to be good," Birdsong said. “Is it the best crop ever? No, but it looks good this year. The downfall for the cotton crop is the pricing. Farmers were hoping to get an increase in pricing per pound, but that did not happen. Cotton is more in the global market. We would like to see an increase for our farmers. The usage of cotton is increasing, so hopefully in the near future the price increase will hit.”At the present time cotton ranges roughly 68 cents to 69 cents per pound.“Farmers are actually getting paid less now per pound of cotton than they did 20 years ago,” Birdsong said. “Roughly 20 years ago, farmers were making at least 81 cents per pound. The price has decreased, but the expenses for farmers have not.”Although farmers would like to see an increase in cotton prices, cotton is crop many farmers rely on, especially peanut farmers.“Cotton is a good crop for our farmers,” Birdsong said. “Cotton can withstand our weather here in the southeast portion of the state, and it does produce a yield. Plus, peanut farmers need a rotational crop and the cotton crop is the most durable crop available.”Birdsong stated farmers are known for being optimistic.“Farmers are thankful people,” Birdsong said. “Although they may not get the prices they want for their crops, they are always thankful for the yields they harvest.”

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