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Upset over the failure of the cotton crop, at least 11 farmers committed suicide in one week in Telangana. This year, excess and delayed rain added to the seed failure.36-year-old Kala Jaipal of Toorpu Gudem, close to Hyderabad, committed suicide by consuming pesticide mixed with food on November 3. A father of two girls, the widower asked his mother to go to the market and sell the 10 quintals of cotton collected in his farm. "By the time I returned home with Rs 30,000, he was lying dead," weeps his 56-year old mother Terejamma. "We were thinking of making part payment to the labourers. But, I had to spend that money on his funeral," an inconsolable Terejamma told Mirror.Jaipal owned two acres of land and took another seven acres from relatives, including two brothers for a Rs 3000 per acre lease. He took over the cultivation from his mother only three years ago. Even though he started farming with zero liability, he left the world with a debt of Rs 3 lakh. He borrowed the amount from five financiers, who charge one percent interest.When he first sowed the seeds in May spending Rs 27,000, there was no germination. Ten days later, he tried second time, but with no success. The third sowing was successful but the plants grew more than seven feet in height, as against normal 3.5 to 4 feet, bearing less flowers.In a good crop year, an acre would yield between 7 and 9 quintals of cotton. But the bad year yielded less than 20 quintals for nine acres. "Even labourers were reluctant to pluck the cotton as they get neck pain looking up for long," said Jaipal's younger brother Balraj, who works in a private firm in Hyderabad.Jaipal's village, one that is not used to farmer suicides, is shocked. "This is the first tragedy in our village and it has scared me a lot. I am thinking of giving up cultivation," said Bandi Krishna Murty, a farmer with three children. He had a debt of Rs 2 lakh.

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