By admin       2017-11-13

Does Bt cotton cause impotency? This startling claim was made by Rajasthan's minister for agriculture, Prabhu Lal Saini, while talking to reporters on the sidelines of the Global agritechnology meeting at Udaipur. The minister, while trashing GM mustard technology, said the mere touch of Bt cotton caused impotency. He said the Bt gene was extracted from a soil bacterium found in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after atomic bombs were dropped on the two cities during the Second World War. He overlooked the fact that a Japanese scientist had discovered the insecticidal properties of the Bt soil bacterium in 1901, and Bt formulations had been used in bio-pesticides since 1938. Bt cotton is genetically-engineered to be toxic to bollworms, a deadly pest. It has been extensively grown in India since 2002, and covers about 90 percent of the cotton-growing area.

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