By admin       2017-11-23

A new era of agriculture has unveiled with the latest cash crop soaring on the surface of the sphere. Tanzania is set to get competitive in cotton farming, with its season kicking in at such a favorable time for the country's economy. Geita Region is delighted to make the debut of the crop for the 2017/18 that was opened under 196, 373 acres. The land is set to be cultivated in contract farming, an effective methodology for the crop. With this launch, Tanzania will get more competitive in the agricultural sector. It is a smart move by the government to expand its territories in the agricultural sector, venturing into varieties of export commodities to better the economy and strengthen the sector as well. This will earn the country great revenue to boost other sectors and expand them. In the launch, that was conducted by the region's Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr. Roberts Luhumbi, he expects more than 66,000 cotton farmers to contribute to the planting and cultivation of cotton in the final stages of this year. The new cotton plating season that was hosted in Buharahara Village is hopeful of striving through the market by next year and achieve their goals. The RC assured the farmers that the government has put a thumb for the go-ahead of cotton farming and will support the farmers and the project to the latter to see the success of the plantation. The farmers' wellbeing is another aspect the government is looking to cater for hence giving them the opportunity to invest their human resource in the new venture. The government is hoping to lift the standards of the farmers through the cotton cultivation. The nation is as well looking to provide raw materials for the textile industry. The demand will find the optimum supply with the government's plan and quench the thirst for their need in the industries. During the 2016/17 plan for the cotton farming calendar, the area had planned to cultivate almost 67, 002 hectares of land with an estimated production of 93,343 tons of cotton. Unfortunately, the farmers were able to till 24, 791 of the land with an emergence of 13,267.82 tons of cotton seeds. The seeds were estimated to be worth Tshs. 15,926,181,600. One of the challenges the RC addressed was the lack of technology to be applied such as fertilisers and believed their presence would bring a massive difference for them. A number of farmers have lamented on the availability of such resources that reduce their yields by significance percentage. The RC has admonished the use of urea and di-ammonium phosphate that the government will affordably sell to them to increase their harvests. He as well requested for the supervision of the cultivation and ensures the productivity level is not tampered or compromised with. He has commissioned the District Commissioners (DCs) to see the welfare of the farmers well maintained. Cotton is the main cash crop that is being cultivated in the region bringing in a fortune to the farmers. Most harvest their income from that to meet their basic necessities and maintain their living standards. Geita RC has applauded the civil servants in their commitment to invest in the farmers by giving them educational services. He has urged them to continue in the same to enhance better farming practices for improved yields. The civil servants will help boost the farmers' individual income by the best farming practices they can equip them with and facilitate the industrialization sector in the country.

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