By admin       2017-11-24

The Opposition in Maharashtra has criticised the BJP-led government for not implementing Dr. Swaminathan report for fair prices to cotton producers and will be raising this issue in the upcoming winter session of the state assembly in Nagpur. Farmers are selling the cotton at Rs 4000-4500 per quintal against Rs 6000-7000 per quintal. NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said that during the last Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to implement Dr. Swaminathan report for fair prices to cotton grower farmers. As per this report, the farmers should get input cost plus 50% profit to their cotton crops. However, BJP has been in power for last three years but there is no sign of this said report is likely to be implemented. Interestingly, on the contrary, central government recently had submitted an affidavit in Supreme Court saying it is difficult to implement Dr. Swaminathan report. "During Congress and NCP regime, farmers were getting Rs 6000-7000 per quintal rate to cotton production, but BJP leaders were demanding Rs 8000 to 9000 per quintal. Now, the cotton rates are only Rs 4000 per quintal cotton. Farmers are suffering huge losses due to an anti-farmer policy of this government," Malik added. Opposition leader in Legislative Council Dhananjay Munde said that there is huge unrest among the farmers. "Farmers are even unable to recover their expenditures. The labor and pesticide spraying cost have gone up in many folds. Besides, this year, pink bollworm had badly damaged the cotton crops. Due to bollworm, the production of cotton has gone drastically down. Farmers had spent a huge amount of money on costly pesticide but in return, they did not get anything," said Munde. Munde further said this current depressing prices for cotton production has brought distress among the farmers' community. "People are frustrated and out of debt and failed government policies and a mirage of farm loan waiver, each day eight farmers are committing suicide. Since the day the farm loan waiver scheme was announced, 1020 farmers had committed suicides in Maharashtra. I strongly condemn this farmer killing government policies and demand fair prices to farmers and compensations to those whose crops were damaged because of bollworm and other reasons," he said. Munde said if the government fails to do so, then "we will not allow both the House of the assembly to functions in Nagpur."

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