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Following two years of declining planted area, global cotton area for 2017/18 is projected to increase by 11% to 32.5 million hectares. *India :- Planted area in *India* is estimated at 11.55 million hectares for 2017/18, with production projected to gr ow by 8.7% to 6.2 million tons. *USA :- In 2017/18, planted area in the *USA* continues to grow for the second season by an estimated 20% to 4.6 million hectares. *Pakistan :- *Pakistan* plantings for 2017/18 are expected to increase by 24% to 3.1 million hectares after several years of declining area with an anticipated 24% growth in production to 2.06million tons. *other major producing countries :- Production is projected to increase in all other major producing countries during 2017/18, including China, Brazil, Francophone Africa and Turkey. *Global production in 2016/17 rose by 7% and is forecasted to grow by 12% during 2017/18. *Mill Use :- *Global cotton *mill use* is expected to grow in 2017/18 by 3% to 25.2 million tons. *The gap between cotton prices and polyester prices has continued to narrow since mid-2017 despite a recent upturn in cotton prices that may push cotton consumption higher. *While mill use is rising, stocks will continue to grow as production outpaces consumption. *Imports by China are expected to remain steady as the stock to use ratio decreases. Mill use in China is expected to grow at 1% to 8.12 million tons. *Cotton mill use is also projected to grow moderately in India, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Brazil.

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