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Around 211,989 cotton bales were exported from the country in the first week of December as compared exports of 184,944 bales of the corresponding period of last year.Cotton arrival in local markets have witnessed 3.62 percent growth as about 10,132,074 cotton bales arrived in local markets for ginning as well as for the exports, said the data released by the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA).Out of the total arrived cotton, around 9,281,238 bales were pressed in local during the period under review as compared the pressing of 9,778,451 bales of same period last year, it revealed.Meanwhile, 8,6062,255 bales were sold to local textile sector, which was stood at 7,683, 980 bales during same period of last year, where as 1,006,991 bales remained unsold as against 1,031,742 bales of last year.Upto December 3, 2017 the commodity which remained unginned was recorded at 850,836 bales as against 877,785 bales of same period last year.It may be recalled here that cotton arrival in the local markets from Punjab has witnessed 0.83 percent decreased and it was recorded at 6,107,802 bales during first week of current month as compared the arrival of 6,158,870 bales of same period last year.However, crop arrival from the Sindh during the period under review registered an increase of 11.18 percent and it was recorded at 4,024,272 bales as against the arrival of 3,619,581 bales of same period last year.

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