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Amid contradictory claims by state government and farm activists over cotton production, traders say that arrivals in the market are higher than the last year. A section of traders however also attribute it to increase in area under cotton and accept that there is a likelihood of fall in the yield at farm level. According to data compiled by a private agency tracking the market, arrivals in Maharashtra this year are higher by 6 lakh bales as compared to the same period in 2016. From October to December 19, 23 lakh bales have reached markets in the state as against the 17 lakh bales during the same period last year. The overall arrivals in the country stand at 90 lakh bales during the period as against 75 bales from October to December last year, says the data with traders. However, trade sources also do not discount the impact of pink bollworm on the cotton crop. Some of the firms have cut their internal estimate on arrivals lower than the levels set by the Cotton Association of India (CAI). Arun Sheksaria, of M/s DD Cotton at Mumbai, said as against the earlier projections of 3.85 crore bales in the country, the estimate is down around to 3.77 crore bales. "This is not much a difference as there is enough cotton available. The acreage has also gone up," he said. However, other sources in the trade requesting anonymity said that pinkbollworm crisis cannot be ignored. "Even traders are holding meets with scientists and other experts to find out a solution to the crisis so that the next year's crop is saved. Our firm has cut the estimate to 3.70 crore bales as against 3.85 lakh crore, " said the source. Though Maharashtra has the highest share among arrivals from October to December, the final picture can be clear only by January 15. The arrivals may be higher because the area under cotton has gone up by 16%. There are reports that yields at the farms are down at the same time, said a trader.

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