By admin       2017-12-26

The state government on Friday announced financial package to help paddy and cotton farmers whose crops have been damaged because of pests like bollworm and tudtudi. Farmers cultivating paddy will be provided with Rs 7,970 per hectare compensation for non-irrigated land. They can get compensation upto two hectares of land. Farmers who have irrigated land would get Rs 14,670 per hectare. Farmers growing cotton would be given Rs 30,800 per hectare for non-irrigated category. The financial support can be availed for two hectares. Cotton cultivation on irrigated land would entail a compensation of Rs 37,500 per hectare. It would be allowed upto two hectares. The decision was announced by Agriculture Minister Pandurang Phundkar at the state legislative Assembly . The compensation was announced following members across party lines seeking financial help for cotton and paddy farmers in Vidarbha whose crops have been attacked by pests on a large scale. Cotton farmers complained about bollworm that completely damaged their crop. Paddy cultivators incurred losses due to attack of a pest called tudtudi. Apart from the compensation, the government also announced a bonus of Rs 200 for cotton up to 50 quintals and for paddy, it announced Rs 200 bonus up to 50 quintals. But the government did not reveal the additional financial burden on the state because of the compensation. Part of the amount would be provided through the National Disaster Relief Fund, Agriculture Insurance and the state government. Last week, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis held a meeting with Union Agriculture Minister Radhamohan Singh to discuss the problems of paddy and cotton farmers in Maharashtra. The chief minister sought Centre’s help to provide immediate relief to the farmers. The process of panchnama to ascertain the crop damage and financial loss because of bollworm and tudtudi is under process.

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