By admin       2017-12-28

26-Dec 27-Dec On day change (%) ZCE Jan contract (night trade, yuan/mt) 14975 15010 30 ICE Dec contract (cent/lb) 77.46 78.98 1.52 U.S. upland cotton, SLM 1-1/16 (cent/lb) 75.13 76.61 1.48 Indian cotton, S-6, 29mm (Rs/Candy) 41000 41000 0 Pakistani cotton, Karachi spot rate (Rs/maund) 7000 7000 0 Xinjiang cotton prices stayed firm, offers of machine-picked cotton with both length and strength 28 were at 15,600yuan/mt rough weight, ex-works in Xinjiang. Hubei cotton quality was lame this year, as color grade, length and strength were dull. Cottons were processed and sold to local mills at 12,800-13,000yuan/mt. ICE cotton futures trended up, but “non-on-call” cotton contract contradictions still existed. Some mills which purchased “non-on-call” cotton tended to hold on due to the high prices. Indian spot cotton rate stayed at Rs. 41,000 per Candy (equal to about 11,776yuan/mt) and Karachi official spot rate stayed at 7,000 per maund (about 11,068yuan/mt). $1=CNY 6.57

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