By admin       2018-01-03

There was a time when Enabavi was just another impoverished village in the arid plains of Warangal in Telengana, full of frustrated farmers, some of whom committed suicide to escape indebtedness and penury. But the tiny village of 52 households refused to give up and banded together to change their fate. In 2006, it created agrarian history by becoming the first village in Telengana to be fully organic and entirely free of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified crops. Since then, thousands have visited Enabavi to draw inspiration from its sustainable lifestyle, which was crowned by an appearance on Sathyameva Jayathe, a popular TV talk show hosted by film star Aamir Khan. Crossing barren lands, huge cotton ginning mills and crowded cotton markets on dusty roads, one can see grazing sheep and cows, green fields and bullock carts that depict the picture of a typical village. The villagers were grappling with many problems before they started on their journey to become an organic oasis.

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