By admin       2018-01-24

Togo aims to increase its cottonseed output to 200,000 tons, of which 95% will be first choice produce, by 2022. The information was disclosed last Saturday at the closing of open houses organized by the ministry of agriculture. In this regard, Lom� is envisaging an average yield of 1,600 kg per ha. An ambitious project, strongly supported by Nouvelle Soci�t� Cotonni�re du Togo (NSCT), which will involve more than 200,000 producers across the country. However, producers must adopt new methods to gain the most from land and face climate challenge which remains untackled. For this purpose, the government through its agricultural investment and food security and nutrition program (PNIASAN) attempts to cushion negative impacts affecting production. For 2017-18 campaign, NSCT is expecting 160,000 tons of cottonseed, far above last season�s output (105,000 tons). Cotton fiber is one of the key exports of the country after clinker, cement and phosphate. In 2016, fob exports (customs, insurance and freight charges excluded) of white gold stood at 36,800 tons generating more than CFA45 million for the Togolese economy, according to estimates of the Central Bank of West African States

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