By admin       2018-01-30

DUMAS, TX (KFDA) - Today marks 108 days since the Panhandle experienced any measurable precipitation. However, a lack of water isn't impacting area cotton production. "With the yields that we're having this year, we're looking at way more than doubling our record of last year. We're probably looking at 265,000 bales of cotton this year," said General Manager of Moore County Gin Leighton Stovall. Stovall says it helps that cotton takes less water to harvest than other crops such as wheat. He also says that price is very important to the recent production. "It's all due to price. Corn and wheat prices at this time are very depressed," said Stovall. "Guys are looking for a crop to sustain their farming operations and cotton had the best profit outlook at planting time and so we had a tremendous increase in acres this year." Nearly 800,000 acres to be exact, according to Agrilife Extension Center in Amarillo. "We have seen regionally, our cotton gins expand," said Regional Agronomist Dr. Jourdan Bell. "If we continue to see cotton production increase at the rate that it has increased the past several years, we will definitely probably be looking at a need for a greater ginning capacity in this region." As cotton yields continue to increase, cotton gins are being put under more pressure which means longer hours for workers. "We're going to have a very extended season this year. Currently we're about half done," said Stovall. "Our guys are having to adjust, it's going to be a long season for them, but it'll be a good season."

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