By admin       2018-01-30

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a provider of molecular technologies for diagnostics and therapeutics, has announced that it has joined hands with Cotton USA, a trademark of Cotton Council International (CCI), to showcase cotton traceability technology and ‘What’s New in Cotton’ at as part of the ‘Cotton Cares’ collection at global fashion events. The Cotton Cares Collection is designed to introduce designers, established labels, and the apparel industry to the process by which a brand can build a certified and traceable collection, eliminating questions about purity, authenticity, and ethical standards. It highlights Applied DNA’s ‘Traceability with SigNature T’ technology that provides cotton traceability from the farm, through the supply chain, to store shelves. Forensic level origination is also tracked based on blockchain-enabled systems developed to verify SigNature T tagged fibre, yarn, fabric, and finished goods. Dr. James A. Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences said, “Being able to demonstrate that this tag, test and track technology is easily incorporated into the apparel manufacturing process is a good first step to engaging product designers. The SigNature T molecular tag is safe, and binds to cotton fibre in the first processing stage, at the gin. In the United States, SigNature T has been used to tag over 150 million lbs. of US grown cotton since 2014 and is an easy solution to adapt, resulting in 100 per cent product authenticity - a trait being demanded by more consumers around the globe. Brands and manufacturers now have a means to know exactly where their cotton comes from at any stage of the supply chain through SigNature T tagging, testing, and tracking.” By working with SigNature T technology, Cotton USA is brining advanced forensic, traceability technology to cotton, while delivering on comfort, quality and responsible sourcing to brands and retailers globally. (GK)

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