By admin       2018-02-02

US Weekly Net sales 303300RB For 2017/2018* were up noticeably from the previous week UP 50%Vs Last 4week Average *For 2018/2019, Net sales of 30,700 RB.* *SHIPMENT* Exports of 305100 RB For 2018/2019 a marketing-year high UP 31% Vs Last week UP 21% from the prior 4-week average. *PIMA COTTON* Net sales of Pima totaling 9,500 RB for 2017/2018 UP 84% Vs Last week UP 34% the prior 4-week average. *For 2018/2019, net sales of 1,300 RB* *SHIPMENT* Export 12,800RB DOWN 24%Vs last week UP 5% Vs 4-week average.

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