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Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mahmood said Wednesday that South Punjab is full of fertile soil with extreme fine weather conditions suitable for agricultural crops particularly Cotton, wheat, dates, oilseed etc. 'Now, it's our duty to introduce products of this area internationally,' the Secretary said during his visit to Agricultural Farms at Multan. Mahmood further said to translate this dream into reality, Agriculture Department has started many projects worth of billion rupees to change the fate of this area. He said farmers gathering are being arranged on official model agricultural farms and all government farms are being tagged so that agricultural intervention and production related information can be obtained on the farm and the correct status of the fields can be found. He added the incumbent government is well aware of issues afflicting the agriculture sector and prosperity of farmers has linked with improved agriculture. Agriculture Department is promoting the cultivation of new profitable crops according to climate change, and supports every step for the welfare of farmers, which can increase the income of farmers. Now, farmers can earn more profits in less time by cultivation of Morinaga and it can also be used as edible oil. Secretary Agriculture said that climate smart initiatives can produce tangible benefits to rural communities and the land they depend on, making it more resilient when faced with climate swings. Promising technologies to combat this unpredictable situation include crop varieties adapted to perform well under climate change factors, technology tools, devices for farmers and systems for delivering targeted timing and doses of fertilizer and irrigation. The pro-farmer policies of the government resulted in 3.5% increase in agriculture growth. Similarly, some crops witnessed 8% increase in growth last year. He said that as a result of government's initiatives the south Punjab will become cotton valley up to 2020.

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