By admin       2018-02-13

The National Cotton Council (NCC) found growers intend to plant 13.1 million acres to cotton in 2018�up 3.7% over 2017, according to a recent planting intentions survey. Upland cotton will likely see the bigger jump by 3.8% over last season to 12.8 million acres. Extra-long staple will grow, too, up to 254,000 acres for a 1% increase. While this could mean a larger cotton crop, there is still a long season with weather and other obstacles ahead. �Planted acreage is just one of the factors that will determine supplies of cotton and cottonseed,� says Jody Campiche, NCC vice president. Assuming abandonment at 15% for the U.S. the Cotton Belt harvest area will total 11.1 million acre, she adds. If her estimates are correct, cotton could produce 19.4 million bales�18.7 million upland and 744,000 extra-long staple bales. These estimates are based on an average yield at 842 pounds per acre and Campiche�s estimated harvested acres

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