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Cotton followed a nurse who worked at a nearby nursing home to a Marathon gas station at 2918 Martha Berry Highway on Jan. 30, 2017. “He got out and put a gun to her head and said ‘don’t scream or I’ll shoot you,’” McClellan said during the trial last month. While holding a .32-caliber revolver to her head, Cotton tried to get her into her 2002 Dodge Ram. When he could not get her inside, he fled in the truck, prompting a police chase that eventually ended in Adairsville. “This is a very serious crime,” McClellan said Tuesday. “This could have been deadly for a lot of people involved.” If the robbery would have been in the sight of the store clerk, a confrontation or possibly a shooting could have taken place, McClellan said. Cotton also hit over 90 mph during the chase, running a red light and speeding through work zones, while endangering others, McClellan continued. In an impact statement, which was read into the record, the victim claims the incident has left her with paranoia, which arises as she leaves work and she looks around her, eyeing cars behind her that could be following her. Sparks also ordered Cotton to pay $3,881 in restitution to his victim. Cotton blew out the engine during the chase. However, the judge admitted he did not know how Cotton would pay this amount back while in prison.

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