By admin       2018-03-09

March 09 2018 - On account of decreased production of Food-grains, Pulses and Cotton crops, Maharashtra may witness negative agriculture growth at 8.3 percent this financial year 2017-18, as per the estimation of The Economic Survey of Maharashtra. While the area under Cereals and Pulses decreased by 3 percent each, the area under Oilseeds and Cotton decreased by 1 percent and 0.1 percent, respectively, whereas the area under Sugarcane increased by 43 per cent over the previous year, as per the Survey. Due this production of Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Cotton is expected to decrease by 4 percent, 46 percent, 15 percent and 44 percent, respectively, while the production of Sugarcane crop is expected to increase by 25 percent over the previous year. The Cotton production, considered as the backbone of farmers, is set to report a fall of 43.8% to 60.49 lakh bales (one bale is of 170 kg), the widespread attack of pink bollworm has brought down the Cotton production in the state.

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