By admin       2018-03-27

A feeble Western Disturbance as an upper air system prevails over extreme northern parts of Jammu and Kashmir. A cyclonic circulation persists over Sub Himalayan West Bengal and neighbourhood. A trough is extending from this system across Gangetic West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh up to Vidarbha. Another cyclonic circulation lies over Comorin region. A trough is extending across Kerala, Coastal Karnataka up to Goa. An anti-cyclonic circulation lies over the Bay of Bengal off Andhra Pradesh coast. Weather Activity in last 24 hours Isolated rain and thundershower activity were recorded over Odisha and West Bengal. In fact, many northeastern regions also observed scattered rainfall activity. Dry weather prevailed over remaining parts of the country. Heatwave conditions were observed in Gujarat and Konkan region. Day temperatures in Mumbai, Veraval, and Porbandar crossed 40°C mark. Punjab, Haryana and West Rajasthan also recorded temperatures above normal. Weather Forecast for tomorrow Isolated rain and thundershowers are expected to occur over Gangetic West Bengal, Odisha, Kerala, and Karnataka. Northeastern states may also record scattered rainfall activity. Dry weather will prevail over remaining parts of the country. Heatwave condition is expected to prevail over Gujarat. Hot weather is expected to persist in pockets of Maharashtra, Rayalaseema, North Interior Karnataka, few parts of West Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. Mumbai will witness an extremely hot and humid day. Day temperature is expected to settle around 40°C. Similarly, Hyderabad would also observe a hot day with day maximums likely in the high 30s. Delhi and NCR are expected to observe the dry, sunny and hot weather. Day maximum is likely to settle around 34°C. Kolkata is likely to witness hot and humid weather during the day. Rain and thundershower activity might occur towards late evening or night. Bengaluru is also expected to witness uneasy and warm weather.

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