By admin       2018-04-04

Meanwhile, cotton output will ease next season by 320,000 tonnes to 25.35m tonnes (116.4m bales), the committee said, cautioning that “the threats of pests and inclement weather remain concerns. “This season, the world’s largest producer, India, suffered yield losses due to a pink bollworm infestation and is expected to decrease to 12m hectares in planted area in 2018-19.” While US sowings are expected to rise this year – with US Department of Agriculture on Friday, in a much-watched spring plantings report, putting them at a seven-year high of 13.6m acres – “drought conditions will need to be monitored closely,” in Australia as well as the US, the ICAC said. The USDA overnight - while reporting sowings in Texas, the top US cotton-growing state, at 11% complete, 6 points ahead of the average pace – flagged the continued threat to prospects from dry soils. “Cotton producers in some areas of the Northern High Plains were undecided about planting cotton this year due to the shortage of soil moisture,” USDA scouts said.

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