By admin       2018-04-04

For Australia, meanwhile, the current harvest is seen as having a mixed outcome, with Louis Rose at Rose Commodity Group noting that reports “continue to relay impressive yields on irrigated fields. “Reports from non-irrigated fields are mostly significantly lower than their irrigated counterparts.” Separately, a report overnight from the USDA bureau in Canberra pegged the 2017-18 harvest at 4.04m bales, 13,000 bales shy of the USDA’s own forecast. Sowings were pegged at 473,000 hectares – more than 100,000 hectares short of the USDA’s official figure – but with the loss in non-irrigated areas. “The national average for irrigated cotton is around 10 bales per hectare. Yields on dryland cotton are much lower,” the bureau said.

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