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China Cotton Information April 10th 2017/18 Reserve cotton rounds traded 0.68 million tons in the first quarter trading hours, taking 8200 tons. The highest price of 14,920 yuan / ton (2012 resources, the increase rate of 960 yuan / ton), from the mornings transaction situation, the maximum single bundle of the increase rate of 960 yuan / ton, the lowest single bundle of the price increase of 20 yuan / ton.The data of the final closing date will be announced together with the end of the second quarter. Please pay close attention to the relevant information of China Cotton Information Network.Tips: In the second quarter, 15015.812 tons of reserve cotton are sold, of which 84 bundles need to be dumped.For related resource data and reserve cotton rounds, please click the 2017/18 Reserve Cotton Wheels column to view.During the cotton reserve period, the industry is very concerned about the real-time situation in the transaction process. To better serve the industry informatization and apply the big data advantage of the national cotton trading market, China Cotton Information Network launched the "2018 Reserve Cotton Real-time Quotes". Enterprises can in real time view the volume of reserve cotton rounds, increase the price, and dynamic control of the proportion of textile companies to increase the price, for companies to participate in the rotation or to understand the real-time dynamic turn out to provide a favorable reference.

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