By admin       2018-04-20

World cotton consumption in 2017/18 is projected at 120.4 million bales, 5% above 2016/17. Although cotton mill use has been rising relatively steadily for the past six seasons, an expanding global economy and the slowdown in polyester production contributed to this year’s above-average growth. Despite the highest cotton consumption in a decade, 2017/18 world production is expected to exceed consumption for the first time in three years. China, the leading spinner of raw cotton, is projected to use 40 million bales of cotton in 2017/18. China accounts for one-third of the global cotton mill use total. In addition, cotton yarn imports by China could include an additional 8 million bale-equivalents of raw fibre to support its growing textiles and apparel industry. Small consumption gains in 2017/18 are seen for both India and Pakistan, where mill use is projected at 24.2 million bales and 10.4 million bales, respectively. Larger increases, however, are expected in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Turkey

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