By admin       2018-05-08

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 7th May, 2018 ) :Cotton growers advised to complete the sowing of BT varieties at the earliest and maximum by May 31. A spokesman of the Punjab Agriculture department said here on Monday that cotton BT varieties include FH-142, IUB-13, MNH-988, CIM-600, IM-598, AGC-999, AGC-777, MNH886, VH305, VH259, Nayyab 878, Sitara 11, BH-178, CIM 602, FH LALAZAR, FH114 and UGC-09. He said that growers must sow non-BT varieties on at least 10 percent of land along with BT varieties so that worms might not develop resistance against BT varieties.

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