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However, in Gujarat, the country’s largest cotton producer, the fibre crop continues to be a reliable one. Ganatra anticipates cotton sowing in Gujarat to remain stable or to go up by about 2-3 per cent as farmers are seen switching from groundnut to the fibre crop. “Inspite of pink bollworms infestation and uncertain price conditions, cotton continues to be a better bet as compared to other kharif crops such as groundnut or short-duration crops of pulses. Also, animals don’t spoil this crop, whereas that threat looms large on other leafy crops,” said Babubhai Patidar, Chairman of APMC in Savarkundla in Amreli district of Saurashtra. Farmers in other parts of Saurashtra such as Jamnagar and Rajkot have preferred to take up groundnut even if the prices remained subdued last year. The region witnessed a bumper groundnut harvest leading to a price crash, which necessitated the procurement of the oilseed at the minimum support price. “There is uncertainty about farmers’ choice for kharif crop at present. Groundnut is definitely not a good bet, but cotton is not so bad either. We see a lot of farmers showing preference for cotton crop. They may have some other short-duration crops also on their land,” said Ukabhai Patoliya, a farmer from Junagadh.

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