By admin       2018-05-18

The drop in cotton acreage will be sharp in Maharashtra and Telangana, where farmers, hit by pink bollworm pest infestation, are shifting to soyabean. “There will be about 10-15 per cent decline in acreage in Maharashtra, which has a one-third of India’s overall cotton area. Telangana also will witness a similar decline as farmers turn to alternate relatively cost-effective crop of soyabean. We may see some experiment in Telangana for the seed crop,” said Ganatra adding that soyabean fetched better prices than cotton. Also, labour cost has reached to about ₹1,000 a quintal for bollworm-infested cotton fields. This, coupled with uncertain price movement, is the reason for about farmers turning away from cotton. Ganatra said cotton sowing in Rajasthan will remain almost stable, but Haryana may see some inter-change between cotton and paddy, but the overall cotton acreage will be stable.

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