By admin       2018-06-04

June 4, 2018 – Mianwali - The Plant Protection experts advised farmers to use modern varieties of cotton seeds for getting above 2800 kg per acre cotton yield and also spray their yields with prescribed pesticides to avoid pests. Farmers are now getting an average 880 kg to 930 kg per acre produce of cotton in the area which is lesser than the produce of other countries, an official of Plant Protection Unit of Agriculture department Zilfiqar Ali talking to farmers said. He added that some farmers were also getting 1800 to 2000 kg per acre produce with proper pesticides spray, elimination of extra bushes and using quality seeds. The quality cotton seed was now available in the country which could increase per acre yield to 2800 kg, he added. The farmers should ensure proper consultation with the department for getting best results from their yields, he said and advised growers to spray their fields according to required pesticides.

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