By admin       2018-06-07

All these point to supply concerns, especially quality supplies, in the next season while demand looks robust, encouraged by strong global economic growth. According to the Washington DC-based International Cotton Advisory Committee, world cotton production for 2018-19 is projected at 25.75 million tonnes (26.57 mt), while consumption is estimated at 26.72 mt (25.49 mt). Importantly, world trade in 2018-19 is projected to rise to 9.19 mt from last year’s 8.77 mt of the previous year. In other words, the fundamentals are set to tighten in the months ahead. In such a tight scenario, the potential entry of China could be disruptive. While growers in exporting nations such as the US and India would rejoice at the prospect of a price rise, importing and consuming countries are likely to bear the brunt of high prices.

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