By admin       2018-06-30

The USDA Planted Acreage report for 2018, issued June 29, shows U.S. cotton growers planted 13.5 million acres of cotton this season – 7% more than in 2017.The planted acreage number mirrors USDA’s projected acreage total issued on March 29. At that time, upland acres were projected at 13.2 million acres, with American Pima/ELS acres at 262,000 acres.Following planting, upland acres are now reported at 13.3 million acres (up 7% from 2017), with the Pima/ELS acres dropping to 243,000 acres (down 4% from last year).The report showed that 2018 acreage increased in 13 states across the Cotton Belt, while acreage dipped in Arizona, California, Louisiana and Mississippi. The statistics also showed that 94% of all cotton planted in the U.S. this year included biotech traits for insect and/or herbicide resistance.

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